Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clip in extensions

Back in December I took a short trip back home.  When I was there I scheduled to get my hair done by someone that has been doing my hair since freshman year in high school.  I was planning to go for color streaks that I've been wanting for years.  But my hair dresser really didn't want to damage my hair.  Plus the procedure would have taken long.  So I opted to get some extensions instead.  I was never one to ever have extensions.  So it was something new.

I purchased these extensions from  They have a wide variety of wigs, clip ins, real & synthetic hair.  There were no problems with the order & they were shipped quick.  They are easy to clip in your hair without having to worry about it falling out.  It easily gives a fun look to your natural hair.  If you do have longer hair that I do these clip in's may not be long enough.  The specific ones that I purchased are 16"easiLite human hair clip in color.  It's one piece as show below & is about $8.00.    

Although I prefer to have my hair colored instead of having clip in's.  I think that this was a great alternative because I can change the way my hair looks everyday.  I'm always looking into changing things up so overall this was definitely the best choice.

The blue is the most vibrant color out of the three I chose.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PS3 controller inspired Look

If you couldn't tell by now I love to play video games.  It's something I can do for hours.  On the 20th of this month my husband & I celebrated our anniversary.  We had a COD themed wedding which inspired me to put together this look.  It's also nice for the spring.  I hope you enjoy!

Link to tutorial here: Click here for tutorial

Link to a teaser video of our entrance/first dance:
Click Here>> Our COD Wedding teaser

Pasword: COD

Products used:

BH Cosmetics
-1st edition 120 palette

Urban Decay
-Primer Potion in Eden
-Naked 2 palette
-Cannonball mascara

-Jumbo Eye pencil in Milk

-Viva glam gaga lipstick

-Hoola Bronzed

-Orgasm blush

-Cheeks & Cheeks #01

Make up for ever
-HD foundation

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gradient/Ombre Nails

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are having a nice valentine's with the ones you love.  And if you don't celebrate valentine's I still hope that you are having a wonderful day.  I created a really easy nail gradient tutorial a couple days ago.  Instead of making a gradient on each nail I decided to take all the nails to create one gradient/ ombre.  This is quite simple but you can create some really nice combinations.  Here's a shot of it below as well as the polishes used.

Products Used:
-OPI Mermaids Tears
-Susie N.Y. #04 (Japanese brand)
-Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Mint Sorbet #340
-AC #44 (from a 100円 store)
-Sally Hansen Double Duty Base/Top coat
-Seche Base

Thursday, February 9, 2012

In My Red Soles: A Night Out

Add a little twist with fun leggings!

Taking a Look at Nihon: Tama Drive

My husband, our friend & I would take 2 hour drives up to Tama Hills.  Driving for me is freeing.  Being able to enjoy it with people that you enjoy being with makes it that much better.  We would stop along the man made lake, as well as in this one parking lot where we would stop to walk around.  These pictures were taken months ago before both cars were sold.  Now we have different cars & haven't gone driving up in the hills for a while.  What do you do that clears your mind?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Taking a Look: Hot food

Every where you go you'll find vending machines for drinks or cigs (I don't smoke).  You can also find hot food dispensing vending machines.  Especially at PA's (Parking Areas).  You place your Yen in the machine, pick the food you want, it'll heat it up & dispense it.  They have yakisoba (noodles), musubi (what we call rice balls in Hawaii or onigiri in Japanese), & other goodies.

In Tama

At a PA


Taking a Look: Lashes!!

If you love lashes then you'll have to check out Don Quixote if you get a chance to go to Japan or Hawaii (spelled Don Quijote).  Those are unfortunately the only places that Donki is available.  On a side note I'm sure you're thinking why Hawaii.  But Hawaii is a very asian influenced place from the food to things they sell at stores.  Especially since a large part of the tourist there come from Japan.  Any way, it's lash heaven!  They have many different varieties to choose from.  Natural to very large lashes, as well as top and bottom lashes.  The prices are great for the amount you get.  At the same time you can still expect to find sets that are more than $10.00.  These are some of the lashes I picked out.

The lashes on the left are very dramatic & fun.  They get gradually longer from the inner corner out.  The only thing I don't like is the band on them.  It's quite thick which makes me aware that I'm wearing them.  Compared to other lashes that I'm use to wearing.  These are 780円 .

As for the ones on the right they came with one more pair but aren't as dramatic.  The style of these are spiky & not as noticeable.  Unfortunately I don't remember the price of these.  The day I picked them up I had to use them right away (for a last minute Halloween Party).  Which I ended up throwing away the package it came in.  I believed they were less tan 780円 .

I do like the band on the spiky lashes better but overall I do prefer the ones on the left.  Personally I like bigger lashes.  Below are picture showing you what the lashes look like on.      
Lashes on the left (Be Glamorous tutorial)
Lashes on right (Electric Tutorial)