Thursday, January 19, 2012

PS Vita

Hey everyone,

I've had the vita for a little while now allowing me to become more familiar with it.  The handheld itself is a little on the larger size with a nice 5 inch touch screen.  The system also has a rear touch panel, front & rear facing cameras, motion sensor technology, & analog sticks.  You can either purchase the one with 3G/Wi-fi or the system with Wifi alone.  If you purchased one from Japan the 3G works with Docomo & the US model works with AT&T (I do have the Japanese version).    

I find the larger system (screen/overall) nice to play on compared to a smaller handheld.  Unless you prefer something more compact you may find it a bit larger than you'd like.  This isn't something that would fit comfortably in your pocket.  It fits perfectly in my hands making it comfortable to play.  On the the back are 2 vertical plastic indented ovals to place your finger tips.  When you go to start up or shut down the vita it's very quick to respond.  As well as opening & closing an application.

The screen is flawless with about 16 million colors.  It's as great as playing on my Sony LED Bravia.  Using the touch screen is accurate with little if any lag.  That goes for the rear touch panel as well.  The screens are accurate to the touch.  Both cameras take decent pictures.  But I wouldn't give up your point and shoot anytime soon.          

The directional keys & action keys click when pressed that assure you have pressed the keys.  The shoulder buttons click as well but it's a little less of a noticeable "click".  As for the analog sticks they are rubberized for grip which move smoothly in each direction.  They how ever are not like the PS3 controller analog sticks where they are functional L3/R3 buttons.  Under those you'll find the PS buttons on the left & the select/start button on the right.

Overall the vita has been really nice to have but I have come across some issues.  When exiting a game but not fully closing the application & putting it in standby mode it at time froze.  Another issue was the system was having some difficulty connection to 3G at times.  Having a inconsistent 3G connection as well as open applications it might have overwhelmed the system causing it to freeze up. But that's just my theory.  Luckily there was a update recently fixing the 3G problem.  Which had fixed the 3G issue that I was having.  It no longer struggles to connect.  As for the freezing, it hasn't done it in a while but we'll see what happens over time.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Be Glamorous

Instead of creating a idea then taking out the tools I did just the opposite.  I wanted to use the Naked2 palette paired with Nars Turkish Delight.  With that I came up with a dramatic glam look.  The look includes big lashes, a small pop of color & glitter in the inner corner.

Products used:

Urban Decay:
-Primer potion in Eden
-Naked2 palette
-24/7 eye pencil in Perversion & Lust

Make Up For Ever:
-Hd foundation
-Glitter #3

-Turkish Delight gloss

-Powder plus foundation in NC40

-Jumbo eye pencil in Milk

-Hoola bronzer

-Blissful amazonian 24hr blush

DUO Lash glue
Lashes from DON Q


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taking a Look: Liese Iron make collection Rich Curl Spray

A few months ago I purchased this Liese iron make collection Rich Curl spray.  It's one of three sprays.  It's meant to protect your hair from heat styling, as well as hold your curl with out your hair feeling crunchy.  My hair is naturally curly & it's really low maintenance when coming to style it.  Most of the times I don't even have to worry about styling it.  But for those days where my hair is not cooperating I look to my flat iron to perfect my curls.

The instructions on the bottle recommends holding the bottle 15cm away from your hair spraying 6-8 times.  But I find that is a bit too much product even for my long hair.  I spray at most 5 times.  You actually get quite a bit of product out of one spritz.  Definitely more that you'd expect would come out.  If you use too much your hair can end up feeling slightly crunchy.  So using less is more.    

As for holding the curl it definitely does that.  Especially without having the feeling of having product in your hair.  The smell of the spray reminds me of Happy by Clinique.  It could be over powering if you spray too much.  But leaves your hair smelling nice even after styling it.  The design on the bottles are simple, circles & lines (on rich straight spray).  Which makes it easy to determine which spray is used for the type of hair style you want.  You get 120ml of product for around 800.      

Overall I really enjoy this spray.  It does what it's intended to do as long as you don't over spray.  Too much of this product isn't a good thing.  I would recommend this if you're looking for something that is light.  Nicely holds a curl without leaving your hair crunchy & feeling heavy.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Electric eyes

Inspired by my nails I created a bright eye catching look.  I went with a teal/blue that had shimmer to it & a matte hot pink eye shadow.  To amp up the intensity I added some liquid eyeliner to the top & bottom lash line winging out both of the liners.  The colors I choose are shimmery but not too over powering.  Are you daring enough to try a look like this one?

Products used:

Urban Decay:
-Primer potion in Eden
-Naked 2 Palette
-15yr anniversary palette
-24/7 liquid liner in radium
-Cannonball Mascara

Make Up For Ever:
-Aqua Cream #20
-Aqua liner #7
-Aqua lipliner 16C


-Lip Perfection #410 Delight

Lashes from Don Q

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Like butter!

The weather has been cold which means spending a little more time on your skin.  At least for me anyway. It's been a lot of trial & error trying to find a lotion that works well.  I have dry skin especially on my shins.  If I neglect to moisturize my shins will end up looking very dry, sometimes it gets as bad as peeling.  But a couple years ago I found my holy grail moisturizer.  It looks like Crisco & feels like butter... L'occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream.  

I first used this when my mom brought it home.  It absorbs nicely & doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky like some other lotions.  There isn't a heavy scent to it either which is nice especially if you don't like lotions with a strong smell.  You also don't have to use a whole bunch of product to have your skin feeling moisturized.  The only down side to this lotion is the cost may be a bit more than you'd like to pay for 7oz. of product.  Overall I do think this product is worth spending a little more on if you have a difficult time trying to find a moisturizer that works for you.



Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fukubukuro 2012

For those of you that aren't familiar with what this is/means let me fill you in.   Every first day of every year in Japan (as well as Hawaii) they have a huge sale with things that are majorly discounted.  Fukubukuro (福袋)  a goody/mystery bags filled with merchandise & you pay half or even less than the original price.  Stores puts together bags containing things they couldn't get rid of the previous year.  But some bags are filled with high priced items as well.

Although I didn't stand in line early in the morning on the first of January I did make a purchase.  My husband & I went to Aeon Mall where they have their 5 days of sales (Smile Bargain).  It lasts from the 1st to the 5th.  We picked up a PSVita which released on the 17th of December.  As shown below we picked up a bundle for 30,000  Which was a nice deal.  It included the 3G/WiFi Vita, 4GB memory card & a screen protector.  A review will soon follow.  I hope you all had a fun & safe New Years Eve.  Enjoy the year!      

Happy New Years!!!