Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Webbed Nail Design

Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope you have a safe & enjoyable time.  For the last nail design in the Halloween series I decided to go with a classic web detailing but add a little twist.  I took inspiration from frankenstein & the spider webs.  I used a nice chartreuse green for the base color adding a black crackle tip.  On the bottom right corner I created the web along with a subtle glitter gradient.  I added a rhinestone for additional sparkle then topped it off with a top coat.

Products I used:
-Revlon quick dry base coat
-OPI Did it on 'em
-OPI Black shatter
-Nubar white nail art pen
-Canmake #18
-China Glaze Nova
-Revlon quick dry top coat

Friday, October 26, 2012

Minecraft Nail Art: Creeper Pumpkin

Another Halloween Minecraft Nail tutorial.  I decided to take the well know Creeper & turn him into a pumpkin.  It's a easy but fun design that I hope you'll enjoy.

All product used:
-Revlon Quick dry bas coat
-O.P.I Brights Power
-Essie Fear or desire
-O.P.I. Bling Dynasty
-M.A.C. Nightfall
-Revlon quick dry top coat

Friday, October 19, 2012

Minecraft Nail Art: Ghast

To kick off the Halloween series on my channel I decided to start off with a Minecraft inspired nail art. I chose to feature the Ghast for the first video.  If you love video games like me then I hope you enjoy this design as much as I do.  The red & graphite polish were used to create the background (The Nether).  I used a unused sponge tip applicator from a eye shadow palette to add texture similar to nether rack.  Since I usually don't use the applicator provided in palettes I save them for other projects such as this.  Then I went ahead with creating the Ghast.  Applied a quick drying top coat & the design is finished.

Watch the video here:

Product used:

-Revlon quick drying base coat
-MAC Nightfall
-O.P.I. An affair in red square
-Susie N.Y. #28
-Nubar nail art pen in white
-Revlon quick drying top coat

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY Stud your Denim

Here I show you a really simple inexpensive way to revamp your denim with studs.  This is a easy way to give them a edgy and fun look.  Listed below are the things you'll need for this DIY.  What ways do you like to revamp a piece? Also let me know if there are any DIY's you'd like to see next.

Products used:
-Pair of denim shorts or any other piece you wish to stud
-Spool of thread (the color that best matches with your piece)
-Studs (ones you can sew on or riveted)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Japanese inspired nails #1

If you are familiar with japanese nail art you know they come up with some crazy out there designs. I like some more than others but I thought why not start with a basic design that is practical (depending on your taste) for everyday.  This design in particular was inspired by the pointed nail shape & a little twist on a french tip.  Of course I couldn't leave out the glitter and rhinestones.  What inspires you?

Products used:
-Seche Clear
-Essie Watermelon
-Canmake #18
-Revlon fast dry top coat
-Rhinestones & faux pearls ( purchased at Don Q)


Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY: Green Tea ice cube toner

A really easy inexpensive do it yourself green tea ice cube toner/mask.  Green tea isn't only great to drink but also great to use topically.  It's full of antioxidants which help fight against free radicals.  Free radicals form from exposure to such things as UV rays & pollution.  Also green tea helps fight against acne because it has antibacterial & anti-inflammatory agents.

The ice cube will help give you a wake up boost in the morning or on a hot day.  Even help with puffy eyes, tightening skin & making your skin appear smoother.

Items needed:
-Purified/filtered water
-Green tea loose leave or bagged
-Pyrex glass
-Ice cube tray

Heat up the water.  Brew your tea for a few minutes until the waters a dark green.  If you're using bagged tea tear open the bag placing the leaves in the water.  Fill your ice cube tray with the tea. Strain out excess water making it easier to scoop the leaves out.  Take your spoon evenly distributing the leaves through out the tray.  Now place it in the freezer.  Once frozen it's ready to use.

Taking a ice cube out, leaving it to thaw on the side while cleansing your face.  Then rub the cube green leaf side down.  It'll leave the leaves on your face once the ice melts.  You can either wash it off or leave it on as a mask (about 10 min).  If you want an alternative to the ice cube method (either you don't have time or don't want to use something too cold).  Brew your tea & pour it into a spray bottle with out the tea leaves.  Place it in the fridge to keep it cold.  Give your face a few sprays after cleansing your skin or use this to refresh your face in the middle of the day.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

足リラシート Ashi Rirashito Foot detox pad Overview

The other week we took a spontaneous trip to Don Quijote.  They literally have everything here.  The Ashi Rirashito (Foot Lira Sheet) was something my husband suggest i try.  Since I haven't tried a foot detox pad before I thought why not.  It was 210円  including one set (a pad for each foot).  They have several different scents to choose from.  Lavender to red pepper depending on your preference & reason of use.  The packet I picked up was lavender which is suppose to help calm/sooth you to allow a betters nights rest.

The pads are easy to apply & adhere to the bottom of the foot with ease.  If you are sensitive to scents this isn't over whelming at all.  I applied one to each foot before going to bed.  When I woke up the next morning they had not budged or peeled.  I do suggest removing them in the bathroom.  When you peel the pads off they do leave some residue on your foot from the detox packet as well as some sticker residue.  The packet as well as my foot was damp & the color of the powder changed to a dark color.  It was a little gross looking but I do feel like it did the job.

Overall I did get a better rest feeling more energetic than usual compared to the couple weeks before.  I would wake up twice a night tossing & turning having no energy in the morning.  I would definitely try this again to see if I can obtain the same results.  When I have tested this more I will check back later with final thoughts.