Thursday, February 2, 2012

Taking a Look: Lashes!!

If you love lashes then you'll have to check out Don Quixote if you get a chance to go to Japan or Hawaii (spelled Don Quijote).  Those are unfortunately the only places that Donki is available.  On a side note I'm sure you're thinking why Hawaii.  But Hawaii is a very asian influenced place from the food to things they sell at stores.  Especially since a large part of the tourist there come from Japan.  Any way, it's lash heaven!  They have many different varieties to choose from.  Natural to very large lashes, as well as top and bottom lashes.  The prices are great for the amount you get.  At the same time you can still expect to find sets that are more than $10.00.  These are some of the lashes I picked out.

The lashes on the left are very dramatic & fun.  They get gradually longer from the inner corner out.  The only thing I don't like is the band on them.  It's quite thick which makes me aware that I'm wearing them.  Compared to other lashes that I'm use to wearing.  These are 780円 .

As for the ones on the right they came with one more pair but aren't as dramatic.  The style of these are spiky & not as noticeable.  Unfortunately I don't remember the price of these.  The day I picked them up I had to use them right away (for a last minute Halloween Party).  Which I ended up throwing away the package it came in.  I believed they were less tan 780円 .

I do like the band on the spiky lashes better but overall I do prefer the ones on the left.  Personally I like bigger lashes.  Below are picture showing you what the lashes look like on.      
Lashes on the left (Be Glamorous tutorial)
Lashes on right (Electric Tutorial)

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