Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clip in extensions

Back in December I took a short trip back home.  When I was there I scheduled to get my hair done by someone that has been doing my hair since freshman year in high school.  I was planning to go for color streaks that I've been wanting for years.  But my hair dresser really didn't want to damage my hair.  Plus the procedure would have taken long.  So I opted to get some extensions instead.  I was never one to ever have extensions.  So it was something new.

I purchased these extensions from  They have a wide variety of wigs, clip ins, real & synthetic hair.  There were no problems with the order & they were shipped quick.  They are easy to clip in your hair without having to worry about it falling out.  It easily gives a fun look to your natural hair.  If you do have longer hair that I do these clip in's may not be long enough.  The specific ones that I purchased are 16"easiLite human hair clip in color.  It's one piece as show below & is about $8.00.    

Although I prefer to have my hair colored instead of having clip in's.  I think that this was a great alternative because I can change the way my hair looks everyday.  I'm always looking into changing things up so overall this was definitely the best choice.

The blue is the most vibrant color out of the three I chose.  


  1. I love clip in hair extensions, I used to own pink ones until they went a bit meh. Definitely want to get into colours again :)


    1. They are a so fun! :) You definitely should get back into color.

      Thanks for stopping by!