Monday, October 31, 2011

In my Red Soles:Supra

Taking a drive with the hubby before he started work.  Something we enjoy doing.

Where have your Red Soles taken you?

Mahalo from Japan, MsCookieTea

Happy Halloween!!!

It's Monday here in Japan.  I hope everyone has a safe & fun halloween.  On Saturday I attended a party but wasn't ready for it.  It was all very last minute, it came down to only a few hours before the party did I find my costume.  There was a lot of improvising but over all for putting something together last minute I was pretty satisfied with the out come.    

Mahalo, MsCookieTea

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Costumes & Candy!

Hey Everyone,

It's almost Halloween! I'm very excited.  Have you gotten all the things you need?  Here are some of the looks I've put together.

Mahalo, MsCookieTea

Taking a look: Nihon Daikoku futo

Hello Everyone,

This time I'm took you to Daikoku futo.  It's a PA (Parking area) a place where you can park your car to take a break from your long drive & get something to eat.  But my friends & I don't go there to make pit stops we go there to check out the cars.  But we aren't always lucky when we go.  Sometimes there are a lot of cars & other times not so much.  But none the less it's a nice drive there.  Also at if you're lucky you can check out people drifting in the sheets right outside the PA.  So if you're into cars this is definitely a place to go as well as other PA's.

Mahalo, MsCookieTea

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Breast Cancer awareness month & Halloween!!


How is everyone?  I hope you enjoyed the first taking a look: Nihon video.  Well it's a new month & honestly I can't believe it.  It's just like it was October not too long ago.  My mom, lil sister & I were in Texas watching my husband graduate from basic.  A few days later I arrived home around 7pm (as far as I can remember), got ready, went to visit my friend because it was his birthday then 30 minutes later I drove home & went to bed since I had caught a cold. bleh.  So it been a year already!

 That means supporting a great cause & fun costumes.  Last October I wore something pink everyday for the whole month.  It was either a piece of clothing, an accessory or the pin.  And while supporting a cause I was working hard on my Poison Ivy costume.  Although I was a bit disappointed that I didn't actually wear it on Halloween, but it came out just as I had planned.

The planning starts around August, that way when October comes around I'll only have to worry about picking up any missing pieces.  This year I'm incredibly late.  With that being said I decided to be Silk Spectre from Watchmen.  A couple weeks ago I changed my mind I felt that it was a little bit too simple for me (effortless if you will).  The big reveal won't happen until it get closer to Halloween.  In the mean time ....What are you beauties going to dress up as?       

Mahalo, MsCookeTea