Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taking a Look: Liese Iron make collection Rich Curl Spray

A few months ago I purchased this Liese iron make collection Rich Curl spray.  It's one of three sprays.  It's meant to protect your hair from heat styling, as well as hold your curl with out your hair feeling crunchy.  My hair is naturally curly & it's really low maintenance when coming to style it.  Most of the times I don't even have to worry about styling it.  But for those days where my hair is not cooperating I look to my flat iron to perfect my curls.

The instructions on the bottle recommends holding the bottle 15cm away from your hair spraying 6-8 times.  But I find that is a bit too much product even for my long hair.  I spray at most 5 times.  You actually get quite a bit of product out of one spritz.  Definitely more that you'd expect would come out.  If you use too much your hair can end up feeling slightly crunchy.  So using less is more.    

As for holding the curl it definitely does that.  Especially without having the feeling of having product in your hair.  The smell of the spray reminds me of Happy by Clinique.  It could be over powering if you spray too much.  But leaves your hair smelling nice even after styling it.  The design on the bottles are simple, circles & lines (on rich straight spray).  Which makes it easy to determine which spray is used for the type of hair style you want.  You get 120ml of product for around 800.      

Overall I really enjoy this spray.  It does what it's intended to do as long as you don't over spray.  Too much of this product isn't a good thing.  I would recommend this if you're looking for something that is light.  Nicely holds a curl without leaving your hair crunchy & feeling heavy.


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