Thursday, January 19, 2012

PS Vita

Hey everyone,

I've had the vita for a little while now allowing me to become more familiar with it.  The handheld itself is a little on the larger size with a nice 5 inch touch screen.  The system also has a rear touch panel, front & rear facing cameras, motion sensor technology, & analog sticks.  You can either purchase the one with 3G/Wi-fi or the system with Wifi alone.  If you purchased one from Japan the 3G works with Docomo & the US model works with AT&T (I do have the Japanese version).    

I find the larger system (screen/overall) nice to play on compared to a smaller handheld.  Unless you prefer something more compact you may find it a bit larger than you'd like.  This isn't something that would fit comfortably in your pocket.  It fits perfectly in my hands making it comfortable to play.  On the the back are 2 vertical plastic indented ovals to place your finger tips.  When you go to start up or shut down the vita it's very quick to respond.  As well as opening & closing an application.

The screen is flawless with about 16 million colors.  It's as great as playing on my Sony LED Bravia.  Using the touch screen is accurate with little if any lag.  That goes for the rear touch panel as well.  The screens are accurate to the touch.  Both cameras take decent pictures.  But I wouldn't give up your point and shoot anytime soon.          

The directional keys & action keys click when pressed that assure you have pressed the keys.  The shoulder buttons click as well but it's a little less of a noticeable "click".  As for the analog sticks they are rubberized for grip which move smoothly in each direction.  They how ever are not like the PS3 controller analog sticks where they are functional L3/R3 buttons.  Under those you'll find the PS buttons on the left & the select/start button on the right.

Overall the vita has been really nice to have but I have come across some issues.  When exiting a game but not fully closing the application & putting it in standby mode it at time froze.  Another issue was the system was having some difficulty connection to 3G at times.  Having a inconsistent 3G connection as well as open applications it might have overwhelmed the system causing it to freeze up. But that's just my theory.  Luckily there was a update recently fixing the 3G problem.  Which had fixed the 3G issue that I was having.  It no longer struggles to connect.  As for the freezing, it hasn't done it in a while but we'll see what happens over time.

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