Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Girl's Day/R33 Day

Today March 3rd (yesterday in Japan) is Hina-matsuri (雛祭り) which means Japanese Doll Festival also known as Girl's day. People will display dolls of the emperor, empress & their court.  It consist of seven platforms which are covered in red cloth.  This is the first time I'm celebrating girl's day in Japan.  Back home my mom would give my wiser & I some goodies like chi chi dingo (sweet soft colored mochi), arare or kakimochi (small rice crackers covered in shoyu), or colored puff rice (sugar coated puffed rice).  Whether I celebrate it like we do in Hawaii or Japan hope it's a Happy Girl's Day!!!

Also this week is Skyline week.  On March 2nd it was R32 day, yesterday R33 & so on.  If you aren't familiar, I'm talking about cars.  The Nissan Skyline.  So a few people including us decided to drive down to Daikoku-futo PA to see what kind of cars showed.  But it was a fail and the night turned out a bit different than planned.  We got to the PA but it was blocked off so we decided to go to another PA which we ended up losing most of the group on the drive there.  Once we met up with them again we found ourselves lost.  Eventually we ended up with four cars (including us) going off our separate ways to try to find a PA to go to.

We never made it to the PA.

Around or before 12 all was in favor & we began to head home.  The night wasn't a total waste but I can't say I have any footage for you though.

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