Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taking a look: Nihon First video!

Hey everyone,

This past week I went to Aeon Mall & took you with me to get a overlook of some of the cosmetics as well as snacks.  Although most of the video is voiced over because I wasn't suppose to be filming.  :P I probably would have talked but I did go to the mall on a week day at night so it wasn't crowded.  (Weekends it's crazy packed especially every Sunday, it's like the holiday rush) There we workers stocking the shelves & it would have been too obvious if I went walking around with a camera talking.  So all the footage in the actual mall was recorded from my phone.  For future videos I don't plan on doing that.

Aeon mall is a fairly large mall.  There are 3 levels filled with stores from clothing, an arcade, restaurants & a theater.  Also they have H&M which is actually the first one I've been too.  There is a Lush as well as a GAP.  What I showed you was just a small section of the mall.  But I hope you enjoyed the first video of many.  Over time the way the videos are put together will improve upon trial & error.  So please bare with me.  Below are some of the things I picked up as well as pictures of displays.  I'll report back later about the hair spray as soon as I had tested it enough.  Please feel free to let me know if there is something you are particularly interested in seeing in future videos.  Maybe I will be able to get some footage.  :) Until next time I will talk to you all soon.


K-Palette tattoo liner. The last one only in brown though.

Meiji one of my favorites! They make yummy chocolate candy. 

Cream Collon, if you are familiar with their Japanese to english translations it doesn't always end up saying what they mean.  Meant to say Cream cone.  Meiji Strawberry Kinoko no yama (mushroom mountain) & strawberry apollo.    

Kao Liese Iron Make Collection Rich curl.  Meant to heat protect & hold your curl when heat styled without making your hair feel crunchy.  They have one for when you straighten your hair as well.  Tested it out & so far so good.  

Mahalo from Japan, MsCookieTea

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