Monday, September 12, 2011

Failed attempt of filming & a new makeup tutorial

This past Thursday I wanted to start filming my new series.  The first place I wanted to take you to was Daiso to take a look at some things (since I needed to pick a few things up).  I recorded a intro as well as us driving most of the way there but failed getting to the actual store.  It was quite busy which meant no parking.  My husband spun around a few times when I finally said let's go home let's try again on the weekend.  We had to take care of a few things & just didn't have the time to go.  Although I did get to make my way down to Daiei.  I decided not to film though because they were closing off the makeup section.  We did buy food which was the main reason we went there.  None the less I didn't get the footage I planned to share with you.  I'm a bit disappointed but I am uploading a tutorial as I type.

It came about one night when using the UD palette to see what kind of look I could come up with.  I ended up with some thing that I really loved.  It was fun, colorful & very sparkly.  Maybe a bit too much for some of you but it can definitely be toned down.  Unintentionally is became 3 looks in one tutorial mentioning a couple times through out the video.  The first being a neutral look.  The second one I had added color onto the lid as well as a colored liquid liner.  The last was of course the finished look where I had added color to my lower lash line.  All the products I used are listed down below as well as pictures.

Products used:

Urban Decay:
-15 year palette
-Cannonball mascara

Make Up For Ever:
-HD Foundation
-HD Powder
-Aqua Liner #8

-Paint pot in Chilled on Ice
-Blanc Type eyeshadow
-Viva Glam II lipstick
-Kissable lipcolour in Enchantee
-Studio Finish concealer

Too Faced:

Mahalo, MsCookieTea

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