Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Treat your dog like a dog...

  My long haired chihuahua previously owned by someone else.  But is now the newest addition to our (and when I say our I mean my husband & I) family.  Rue made a guest appearance in my 13 Questions video, soon to make many more.  I never though I was the type to own a tiny dog let alone a chihuahua.  But I couldn't say no to taking him in.  You hear so many stories about smaller dogs like how they can be such a pain & nip at peoples ankles.  Well it's safe to say that smaller dogs most likely aren't treated like larger dogs.  Which means they get away with a lot  more because their "so cute".  With their oh so cute looks you might find it hard to tell your furry friend NO.  But remember he's a dog they are animals first which means you need to be the pack leader first.

  Otherwise you best believe that he/she will end up running the show or in this case your house.  It's called Small Dog Syndrome.  I know to most it sounds silly.  It's truly a syndrome that comes back to how you treat your dog.  Owners take full responsibility as to why these lap dogs can have some what of a bad name.  Not saying all small dogs are like this or that all owners don't train their dogs.  But letting a smaller dog do what larger dogs aren't allowed to do leads to this.  So you should owe it to your furry friend to help make them the best dog they can be.  It takes time & patients but it all worth it in the end.

  Rue is still in need of a lot of training but he is slowly progressing.  I know all of this is new to him & he does resist commands.  Day by day I do work to help break his habits.  Punishing him for things that he was once able to do but now isn't allowed to get away with.  Of course I don't abuse him.  Punishing goes as far as telling him sternly "NO"  & putting him in TIME OUT.  He's a smart guy  I know he is but allowing him to continue his ways would only hurt him & not help him.  We love the little guy & yes he has a cute face. So we're willing to work with him as long as it takes to have him match his cute face with a great personality.      

Mahalo, Rue & His mommy

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