Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm taking you around Japan!

Starting to find makeup tutorials becoming a little boring for me at the moment I wanted something new to talk about.  Lately I've been seeing a lot of people interested in asian makeup brands.  Having japanese products as well as fashion very accessible to me I thought it would be great to share this all with those that are interested.  I might as well take advantage of what I have because I'm not going to be living here forever.  So on my new journey I'm going to dedicate my time sharing new things with you.  Some things familiar to me & some not.
  I'm possibly thinking about recording reviews as well as showing you the products in action.  But only time will tell as I tend to go with the flow.  Usually I make a general plan not to stick with it but to get my creative juices flowing.  One thing leads to another, just like art it just happens I don't make it happen.  I hope some of you will take this journey with me to explore.  Let me know what products you're interested in seeing (brands, types of products, etc.).

Mahalo from Japan, MsCookieTea  

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