Wednesday, July 11, 2012

足リラシート Ashi Rirashito Foot detox pad Overview

The other week we took a spontaneous trip to Don Quijote.  They literally have everything here.  The Ashi Rirashito (Foot Lira Sheet) was something my husband suggest i try.  Since I haven't tried a foot detox pad before I thought why not.  It was 210円  including one set (a pad for each foot).  They have several different scents to choose from.  Lavender to red pepper depending on your preference & reason of use.  The packet I picked up was lavender which is suppose to help calm/sooth you to allow a betters nights rest.

The pads are easy to apply & adhere to the bottom of the foot with ease.  If you are sensitive to scents this isn't over whelming at all.  I applied one to each foot before going to bed.  When I woke up the next morning they had not budged or peeled.  I do suggest removing them in the bathroom.  When you peel the pads off they do leave some residue on your foot from the detox packet as well as some sticker residue.  The packet as well as my foot was damp & the color of the powder changed to a dark color.  It was a little gross looking but I do feel like it did the job.

Overall I did get a better rest feeling more energetic than usual compared to the couple weeks before.  I would wake up twice a night tossing & turning having no energy in the morning.  I would definitely try this again to see if I can obtain the same results.  When I have tested this more I will check back later with final thoughts.


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