Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shoedazzle: Edith

Recent purchase:

Name: Edith
Color: Coral
6" Heel 1.75" Platform
Faux Suede

My thoughts:
I took the shoes out of the box & went to try them on. I was a little disappointed that it was a bit wide for my feet. Which I hadn't experienced with any of my other (Shoedazzle) shoes.  The spikes are actually secured through the material so you won't have to worry about them falling off.  On the other hand the small studs are glued on.

The sole of the shoe is also slightly different for my last pair.  I'm not sure if this is only for certain pairs or if this is for all shoes.  The "grip" on the sole now has a faux velvety texture.  And the insole has more padding as well.  It has been sewn & glued compared to the Alica heels which were just glued down.  Despite them being a little wider I actually decided to keep the shoes.  It didn't seem worth trying to exchange/return the pair.  I also might try to see if inserts would help.


  1. These look gorgeous, it sucks though about the trouble you've had with these :(


    1. They don't fall off my feet but don't fit perfect either. I'm hoping to find a fix. If not i might have to end up giving them away.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Mahalo :)

  2. I Plan On Purchasing These Shoes This Upcoming School Year, As Far as Comfortability , How Comfortable Are They ?

    1. The high platform makes it easy to walk in. It's also curved more on the bottom than other shoes and can feel wobbly at times especially on uneven surfaces.

      Mahalo for the question.