Friday, December 30, 2011

My experience with Proactiv

Proactiv isn't a secret.  As it's advertised numerous times on tv & many celebrities endorse the product.  It's a 3 step acne fighting system that allows you to achieve acne free skin.  They also offer other acne fighting products like the refining mask & deep cleansing wash.  This is a system that I have tried myself.  I started using it during high school when I wasn't into taking car of my skin as much as I am today.  It wasn't something I took seriously back then when clearly I should have.  I used the system off & on because I would be too lazy to even tend to at times.  But as my last year of high school rolled around I began to used the system frequently as it was suppose to be used.

Once I graduated I became serious about how I took care of myself.  Especially since I had such a busy schedule.  I saw very few hours of sleep, wore makeup everyday, went to school full time & worked full time (6 days a week).  My days stared at 5a.m. ending at sometimes 2 the next morning.  Proactiv had been a system that made my skin feel clean, keeping it mostly acne free.  Occasionally I did have that one little break out pimple that was mostly due to monthly hormonal changes.  But by 2010 the system seemed to stop working.  So I changed it up for a month trying a different system (Perfect skin) which didn't do much for my skin either.

In December when I was about done with the system I re ordered Proactiv to give it another try.  But the product didn't really feel like it was doing anything to my skin.  That's when I decided to give up the system so I called to cancel my Proactiv account in January the week after I had received my products.      

Not only was the products disappointing but so was the service the final time I had to deal with them.  If you aren't familiar with ordering online from their site them do charge you periodically.  That is something I didn't want regardless if you could choose the amount of weeks till then next send you another system.  I believe 16 weeks is the most weeks you can choose.  You're probably thinking why would it matter if you like the product & want to keep re-purchasing.  I prefer having the control when my card gets charged for this exact reason.

I had ordered my last system in December canceling my account the week after I've received my products in January.  I logged on to my Proactiv account to change the amount of weeks till they next send you the system to 16 weeks (the most amount of weeks possible).  That's to assure my card doesn't get charged for another system that I didn't want given it was the last system I'd ever order from them.  It took about a 10 minute phone call & I was told that my account was closed.  Meaning I shouldn't receive any product.  A month later  (in February) I have moved here to Japan.  I notice on my card I have been charged for a Proactiv product.  For 2 days in a row I try calling numerous time at different times of the day.  No answer.  The next day I wrote an email asking if my account was still active & wondering why I got charged again for another system when I had clearly canceled weeks ago.  

Their response:

 Thank you for your e-mail. When you placed your original order for the introductory kit, your billing was set up on an installment payment option. 

 The invoice included in your shipment will reflect the total cost of the order; however, the payments are split into three charges. The first installment includes the shipping and handling charges along with any applicable taxes. The following two installments are charged every 28 days from the first installment and will include the remaining balance.

 If I can be of further service, please feel free to contact me. You may also contact customer service at 1-800-950-4695.


 Correspondence Specialist
Proactiv Solution

 Even though I had sent the number of weeks till they would next send another system to 16 weeks to assure I wouldn't get charged again.  As well as canceling  my account,  I was being charged for another system the I never ordered let alone wanted. It wasn't just the 30 day kit either it was for the 90 day kit.  I was very disappointed.  Not to mention only after I stopped using Proactiv did I find out most of their products contain methylparaben.  Although not all my beauty products are paraben free I try to limit the amount of products I purchase that do contain that chemical.  Another checked off the list!

XO, MsCookieTea  

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