Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shoe of the month: July

I skipped the month of June because there wasn't anything interesting going on in terms of shoes.  But I just posted my July shoe of the month video.  These are some good ones.  I talk about my Nike high tops & 5" 1/2" Colin Stuart Buckle Sandal color blocking heels.  So fun to wear!  The Nike's were found at a outlet store in Japan that had many US stores.  They were only $30.  As for the heels you can pick those bad boys up online at Victoria's Secret.  They have 2 other color combinations as well.  Those were a bit more but so worth it..$78.  The only thing that I have to comment on about the heels are I wish the straps had more holes to farther adjust the straps.  Especially for people with a more narrow foot/ankle it may be a bit loose.  I'm eventually going to create more holes on the straps myself.

Mahalo. MsCookieTea

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