Tuesday, August 2, 2011

13 Question TAG

I'm uploading the video as I type this.  This was a fun video aside from all of the other beauty videos I had posted.  For the past couple weeks it has been busy, not to mention I recently got Coco (my dog featured in the video).  But I will hopefully pick up better lighting tomorrow & start recording again.  I would love to see your tag videos as well.  So don't hesitate to send me those responses.  All the questions are listed below.  

The questions:
1. What do you order at Starbucks?
2. What's one thing in your closet that you cannot live without?
3. What's one thing that most people probably wouldn't know about you?
4. Name one thing that you want to do before you die
5. What's one food that you cannot live without?
6. What quote/phrase do you live your life by?
7. What do you like and dislike about the YT community?
8. What's your number one most listened to song on iTunes?
9. What kind of style would you define yourself as having?
10. Favorite number
11. Two hobbies
12. Two pet peeves
13. Guilty Pleasure

Mahalo, MsCookieTea

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