Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Taking a Look: Susie N.Y. nail polishes

A few weeks ago I purchased some Susie NY (Japanese Brand) polishes.  Being here I want to try as many products/brands as possible.  Also, I wanted an alternate polish that I could purchase that was good in quality & cost.  Having nail polish shipped here isn't possible.  Buying polishes here as you would back in the states is just a mistake.  OPI & Essie go for about  ¥2,100+  which is roughly $30 a bottle.  That is a bit steep compared to the $8 I'm use to paying.  $30 for any polish is just too much.

I tested #28 a grey with purple undertone painted over a base without a top coat (unintentionally).  Two coats of paint were applied.  Color was true to what you saw in the bottle.  It applied opaque with no visible streaking.  The finish was glossy compared to other polishes which can look dull without a top coat.  It wore about a week with out chipping or peeling off.  Depending on the light you saw more grey or more purple.

A couple weeks after I painted my nails with #29 a dark blue with small/medium holographic glitter.  Two coats were applied with a top coat this time around.  The texture wasn't rough even with the glitter.  The formula is nice & the design of the bottle is simple but eye catching.  These bottles are 9ml/0.3 oz.  for  ¥840.

It does have noticeably less product that other brands for the price.  The range of colors available aren't exactly the largest.  Overall it's more beneficial for me to purchase these polishes than pay $30 for other brands from the states.  The quality is the same if not better than other polishes I've tried.  I definitely recommend if you are able to get your hands on these polishes to give them a try.

#4 Turquoise Platonic , #6 Darling Sunlight, #28 Smoky, #29 Time Slip

Night stars/ Party dress

Susie NY also sells other cosmetic products besides polishes.  Here is the link to their site if you're interested in checking it out: http://susie-ny.com/         


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